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Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting Down To Work

With a view to testing the waters of sailboat ownership, and while Renee is keeping house on Clear Creek in Wyoming, Jimmy is preparing a fresh Diapensia for launch in June. The work list is staggering as we have made two great decisions, one already a fait d'accompli, what I shall call the face lift: many coats of Awlgrip professionally applied to her hull and topsides. Diapensia is stunning to behold. More daunting, her hardware, the stuff that makes a boat workable, all must be reinstalled. Cleats, winches, stanchions just to name a very few.  A formidable task. With this refresh we contemplate larger fish to fry.  I mean dreaming bigger boat. A second stateroom providing more room for  crew/guests without crowding the salon, the down below living space. Big move then to an overall length of 40 feet or more. With mixed feelings Diapensia is listed for sale with the rational that in her new makeover she is infinitely more appealing, something like a shiny and well cared for low mileage used car. Ugh, did I really say that?


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